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Couples for tour Empty Couples for tour

Post  Gaara on Thu Jul 30, 2009 11:04 pm


oSt vs palas

sms vs ndtk

prcadzije vs erax

the spartans- on w8

You have 2 week to play your games or you will be disqualificated [post screenshots on game end in this thread ! ]

1. Any team with any kind of maphack will be automaticly disqualified.
2. Flame, Spam, Swearing - Disqualification.
3. Unplug, alt+tab,ctrl+alt+del, or any reason for get lagged out ( If its players not host`s fault ) Will bring his team to Disqualification.
4. Don`t make spams like ''lag'' ''delay'' etc. because it`s not host, it`s you or
5. Mode played on tour is -apomnp
6. Arcane Ring and Menkasm are strictly forbiden.
7. Team share is enabled ( Courier, Heals, Divine, Pers, and other shareable items... )
8.If you or your m8 need observer you can ask me or DhRs]Sina^ no1 else !

Breaking the rules - Disqualification and Ban on bot.

GL & HF rock

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Couples for tour Gaara

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